If it wasn't for the empty hulls that Jeff was throwing at me during the shoot-off I might have won the Singles Championship instead, no really.....
What can you say about a guy who has a shirt printed ahead of time assuming that he would win.
Jesse Molstre reaches the back fence (27 yards) at approximately 13 yrs and 9 months of age.  He's headed for the Grand American and has an excellent chance of making the Sub-Junior All American Team.  I guess all that coaching I gave him is paying off, no really...
I finally get my picture on the web...
I shot with Marc during the shoot, he told me what number this trophy was for the year but I can't remember which one it was.
Bismarck, North Dakota
August 3-5, 2001

Special Thanks to Bob Reis for taking the digital photos and doing the caption work for the Zone Shoot.
P.S. We try to get as many winners' pictures on the web page, but due to timing and space we may not get everyone.