Fall Meeting October 27, 2001

The NDTA Board of Director's Fall Meeting was called to order @ 10:30 AM by President Louis Kuster at the Chieftain Motel in Carrington ND. Board Members present included: Louis Kuster, Chester Nelson, Jeff Wagner, Darold Asbridge, Dave Harmon, Bill Suda, Dan Peterson, Duane Blinsky, Marc Cunningham and Scott Phelps (via conference call), Board Members absent were James Folvag and Norris Olsen. Also in attendance were Barb and Duane Reister.

The minutes of the Board of Director's meeting held at the Minot Gun Club on July 29, 2001 were read and approved. The current checkbook balance of $3105.00 and the current Piper Jaffray account balance of $8528.16 (with a remaining balance of +- $350 at Union Bank of Beulah that will be transferred upon closing of the old account) were reported by Marc Cunningham.  Marc also reported that a new checking account has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank in Dickinson ND with signature approval for both President Louis Kuster and Sec./Treasure Marc Cunningham. Also it was learned that Darold Asbridge and Marc Cunningham have the keys for the safe deposit box located Wells Fargo Bank in Bismarck and would keep them. Chet Nelson made a motion, and it was seconded that the treasure report and the minutes be approved, motion passed. 
State Team Report: Men and Ladies 2001 members were announce however information from the ATA had just been received and team determination is ongoing.
ATA Delegate Report:  Chet discussed new ATA rules for 2002 referring to the new handicap ruling associated with multiple handicap targets/events within one day, new changes effecting sub-junior, junior, vets and sr. vets of which will move up in category the following target year vs. moving up upon actual birth date. Also discussed the new Grand American location (Sparta Illinois) and that there may be a possibility of not holding another Grand American at Vandalia again because of airport security concerns related to Sept. 11.

Gift/Grants & Memorial fund report:
Dr. BA Girard Fund Balance: $452.00
Piper Jaffray cash balance: $5742.00
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial fund: $5186.00.
$100 undesignated.
Darold Asbridge made a motion that the Gift/Grant & Memorial report be approved Jeff Wagner seconded and motion passed.

Old Business:
In the past there had been several discussions for methods on increasing additional funding for the NDTA, also at the annual meeting in Minot there was a motion passed to have the Board of Directors put together suggestions on how to increase income to the NDTA. After much discussion Darold Asbridge made a motion to begin charging $.50 per 100 for ATA registered targets effective 10/27/01, Dan Peterson seconded and motion passed.

New Business:
After discussing missing NDTA property, traveling trophies etc. a motion was made by Chet Nelson and seconded by Dave Harmon that the President and the Sec./Treasure define and try to track down all traveling trophies, trophy case and radar gun, motion passed.

2002 State Shoot dates: a motion was made by Bill Suda and seconded by Duane Blinsky to approve the 2002 state shoot dates of July 18, 19, 20, 21, motion passed.

A motion was made by Jeff Wagner and seconded by Bill Suda that Grand American Stipends and ND State Shoot added money remain as they are for 2002, motion passed, listed in detail below are the actual costs/payments.

State shoot added money: $1450.00
16yd Champion: $250.00
Ladies 16yd Champion: $200.00
Veteran 16yd Champion: $200.00
Sr. Veteran 16yd Champion: $200.00
Jr. 16 yd. Champion: $200.00
Sub-junior 16yd. Champion: $200.00
ATA Delegate: $500.00
State Sec./Treasure salary: $400.00

Note: The Grand American Stipends are available only to those who shoot the Champion of Champion event at the Grand, runner-ups may shoot but reimbursement is limited to $50.00.
State Shoot Trophies: (non-resident vs. resident) after much discussion, Jeff Wagner made a motion that was seconded by Bill Suda that the 2002 State Shoot trophies for the Championship events (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) be changed by: deleting "open" champion, add third place resident, add non-resident champion, HOA and HAA, motion passed.

State Shoot Trophy Money:
Dave Harmon made a motion and Duane Blinsky seconded that the NDTA trophy money increase from $4500 to $5000 Maximum, and that the host club increase from $1700 to $1800, host club provides third place team trophies for Jr./Sub Jr.  Girard money if needed remains at $150 maximum if needed for Jr., Sub-Jr. and Vet. Only On class day- (Friday's Singles).

State Team Awards:
Darold Asbridge made a motion to discontinue the hats and provide plaques for state team award, Jeff Wagner seconded and motion passed.
National Scholastic Trapshooting: Chet Nelson motioned that ND continue to participate in the program Dave Harmon seconded and motion passed. 2002 requirements include 60-day team notification to NSTSA; a NSTSA certified instructor for each team and the event must be 200 16yd. Targets. After some discussion it was decided to have the ND Jr/Sub-jr event shot on Friday and the NSTSA event shot in conjunction with Saturday's

16 yd Championship, and suggested that all pre-register in the ATA as well. President Louis Kuster will supervise and keep everyone informed of the NSTSA process.
State Banquet: Chet made a motion and Bill seconded that the NDTA contribute $6.00 per shooter for the Banquet, motion passed.

Other Agenda and Discussion:
State Shoot Committee Assignments:
Banquet: Darold A. and Chet N.
Trap Setting: Dave H, Bill S, Jeff W, Duane B.
Shoot-offs: Jim F, Duane B, Dan P, Bill S.
Youth shooting: Loius K, Darold A, Scott P.
Media: Norris O, Dave H, Darold A, Jeff W.
Trophy: Darold A, Chet N, Marc C. (ATA)
Hall of Fame/Honor: Chet N.
Program: Darold A, Chet N.
Classification: All board members

Registered Shoot Policy:
Louis clarified the registered shoot policy for non-scheduled shoots, they must be approved by the State Secretary who then must notify the ATA, it was suggested that there be adequate advertising before a non-scheduled shoot take place (adequate being 1-2 weeks prior) and that any such shoot does not conflict with a scheduled shoot within zone, (East and West).

2002 Shoot Schedule:

April 14th  Dickinson
April 27, 28 - Minot

May 4,5  Dickinson
May 11,12 -- Fargo
May 18  Jamestown

June 1,2  Grand Forks
June 8, 9  Bismarck
June 14,15,16  Fargo
June 15, 16  ZAP
June 21,22,23  Minot (Roughrider)

July 5,6,7  Walsh County
July 13  Jamestown
July 13,14  Mohall
July 18,19,20, 21  Bismarck (State)
July 27,28  Stanley

August 2,3,4  Brandon Manitoba (Central Zone)
August 10, 11  Fargo
August 17 -- Jamestown
August 8th-17th -- Grand American
August 24, 25 -- Bismarck
August 31  Turtle Lake
August 31, September 1,2  Fargo

September 14, 15  Zap
September 14, 15 -- Fargo
September 21,22 -- Dickinson

Darold Asbridge made a motion, Dan Pederson seconded that schedule be accepted, passed. After various other discussions Darold made a motion and Duane seconded that the meeting adjourn, passed meeting was adjourned at 4:30 CDT.