December 2005

On December 3, 2005 the NDTA Board held their fall (winter) meeting in Carrington.  Shoot dates were set for the 2006 season and are now available at

The Roughrider Shoot will be held June 23, 24 and 25 at the Walsh County Gun Club near Grafton and Park River North Dakota.  This is a new location for the Roughrider Shoot and I am confident that it will be well attended and an extremely well run shoot. The Walsh County Gun Club is another one of North Dakotas great clubs, if you haven’t been there, plan to attend this year.

The State Shoot will be held at The Shooting Park in Horace (Fargo) on July 20, 21, 22, and 23.  This location is one of the best in the state and typically State Shoots held here are the best attended.  Chad and his staff will go all out to make your shoot enjoyable, so make your plans early.

I would like to congratulate Orrin Johnson and Gerald Wendell on their recent accomplishment of obtaining their ATA- AA27AA pin.  That is quite an achievement when you consider the number of targets and averages required for attainment.

The NDTA Board of Directors has selected the 2006 High Average Award Winners and All State Team Members based on 2005 shooting accomplishments.  They are as follows:

2006 All Around Champion-Dan Campbell

Men’s First Team:                                          Men’s Second Team:

Captain –Dan Campbell                                    Gerald Wendell

Jeff Wagner                                                      Greg Vaage

Jeff Zwarych                                                     Orrin Johnson

Dave Molstre                                                   Tom Polkinghorne

Robert Reis                                                      Bill Suda

Women’s Team:                                              Junior Team:

Captain –Mary Polkinghorne                           Captain –Jesse Molstre

Melissa Woodworth                                         Dan Schaible

Barb Reister                                                     Cody Matzke

Nancy Boehmer                                               Wade Thompson

Deb Cunningham                                              Steve Bonderud

Sub Junior Team:                                            Veteran Team:

Captain –William Woodworth           Captain –Jim Kempel

Donavon Dean                                   Gordon Erbstoesser

Ashley Desautel                                                Carl Anderson

                                                                       Don Boehmer

                                                                       Jim Schumacher

Honorable Mention:

Don Ackerson

Dennis Powell

Louis Kuster

Dwight Rindahl

Tim Kaffar

High 16 Yard – Dan Campbell 98.30

High Handicap –Jesse Molstre 94.09

High Doubles –Dan Campbell 97.39

Congratulations to all of the above shooters, you can view a more complete listing with their respective averages at the NDTA website.

I also would like to wish all of those headed south a safe trip and ask you to please keep us that are spending the winter up north informed.

I can be reached at or at (701) 572-3499 evenings, (701) 572-2171 days.

Jeff Wagner
North Dakota Delegate

January 2004

Congratulations to Jesse Molstre for making the 2004 Sub-Junior All American Team.  Equally significant is the fact that Jesse tied Brett Hamilton from Missouri in establishing a new Sub Junior High All Around Average of 95.67 based on the 2003 target year.  Congratulations to both, Jesse and Brett for an outstanding season!

Many of you have heard that The Shooting Park in Horace North Dakota (Fargo area) was recently sold.  I will try and get together with the new owners for an update on future plans, hours of operation and any other pertinent information that would be of interest.  I can tell you that they are one of the host locations for the 2004 Central Zone Shoot and will also be hosting the 2004 Roughrider Shoot.  For a complete listing of all shoots scheduled for North Dakota in 2004, please visit

On behalf of all North Dakota Shooters, I would like to thank Bill and Ruthie Hunter for the generosity they have shown throughout the years to trapshooters everywhere.  The flag that we recently received from the Hunter’s will be proudly displayed at major shoots throughout our state.

I am pleased that the ATA relocation issue seems to be finally behind us. We all were hoping to have more than one choice for relocation available to the ATA.  Unfortunately that did not happen. I hope that everyone will work hard to make the World Shooting Complex a success; I know I will do what ever I can to support it and encourage all shooters to do the same.  

Good Luck to all North Dakota Shooters attending the upcoming Chain Shoots and Satellite Grand’s.  For those of you down south, I hope you are having fun and for those of us that are still in ND, stay warm, think spring!

You can contact me at (701)572-2171 days, (701)572-3499 evenings or

Thank You

Jeff Wagner 
North Dakota ATA Delegate

February 2004
All North Dakotans are anxiously waiting for spring to arrive.  This has got to be one of the longest, most miserable winters this region has experienced in a very long time.  You really have had to use your imagination to think about summer and trapshooting, when your daily routine has consisted of shivering and scooping snow.  The bright side is, that by the time you read this warmer weather(hopefully) will be on the way, allowing the shooting season to get underway.

The Grand Forks Gun Club announces that they will be hosting a trapshooting clinic on June 6th and 7th,2004.  2002 Grand American Clay Target Champion and 22 time All American Frank Hoppe will be the instructor.  Frank's instruction will include proper gun fit, correct shooting technique,the mental aspects of the game and obviously instruction on singles,handicap and doubles.  For more information and details on enrollment, contact Marv Hanson at or call him at (701)777-3055 days and (701)746-8096 in the evenings.  If you have never attended a clinic, I can assure you that it is the best money you will ever spend as it pertains to your trapshooting.  Do yourself a favor and give Marv a call, you won't regret it!

NDTA Vice President and Webmaster Dave Harmon would like everyone to know that the address for the website has moved to  The new website address will allow Dave more freedom and flexibility in the information and content to be made available.  I encourage everyone to view the address for current information and to please make comments to Dave concerning what you would like to see in the future. 

Pre-squad forms available for the upcoming Lewis and Clark Shoot on the NDTA website and also available in the shoot programs that were mailed out.  Because of anticipated attendance figures, I would encourage you to fill out and send in the forms as soon as possible.  I look forward to seeing everyone this spring, I can be contacted at or (701)572-2171 days and (701)572-3499 in the evenings.

Jeff Wagner
North Dakota ATA Delegate

March 2004

The Shooting Park in Horace (Fargo area) North Dakota is under new ownership.  John Nelson recently sold the complete operations to shooters Mark Bohnenstingl and Chad Hehr.   In recent years both Mark and Chad have been regular participants in league shooting at The Shooting Park.  In a letter sent out to former Shooting Park participants, they stated that they were looking forward to their new adventure and also to making new friends.  They also stated to feel free to offer any friendly advice or suggestions that you may have.   They wanted to wish all shooters a successful upcoming season and are looking forward to meeting everyone.  They will be hosting many of the traditional shoots everyone has enjoyed in the past at The Shooting Park, including this years Rough Rider Shoot.  The phone number at the club is (701) 282-3805.  For a complete listing of all shoots held in North Dakota visit the NDTA website at

On behalf of all shooters in North Dakota I would like to thank John Nelson, the former owner of The Shooting Park, for his contributions to shooters of this region.  If you ever attended a shoot hosted by John, you know that the targets were set as good as they possibly could be, the grounds were going to be immaculate and that you were going to have a great time.

It is with great sadness and deepest regret that I report that NDTA Director Scott Sagsveen passed away on February 25th.  Scott was very active in the planning stages for this year’s state shoot, which is to be held at the Minot Gun Club. Scott will forever be known for his fun loving spirit and the length that he was willing to go to have a good time and to make sure that those around him were enjoying themselves.  Scott will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

I can be reached at (701) 572-2171 days,(701) 572-3499 evenings or at

Good Shooting Everyone,

Jeff Wagner
North Dakota ATA Delegate