Fall Meeting November 2, 2002



The NDTA Board of Directors Annual Fall meeting was called to order by President Louis Kuster @ 10:00 AM at the Chieftain Motel located in Carrington ND.

Board Members present included: Louis Kuster, VP Dave Harmon, Sec./Trasure Marc Cunningham, ATA Delegate Chester Nelson Jr. Darold Asbridge, Scott Sagsveen, Jim Schumacher, Scott Phelps, Norris Olson, Dan Pederson and William Suda, absent was Jeff Wagner. Also in attendance were NDTA members: Deb Cunningham, Jerry Bergeron and Barb & Duane Reister.


Reading of minutes for the Board Meeting held in Bismarck ND during the 2002 State Shoot was waived and accepted. Marc read the Treasure’s report, reporting check book balance of $5378.49 and Piper Jaffery Account balance of $4963.74, Chet then reported the Gifts, Grants and Memorial Fund total as $6676 including $6270 in the Lewis and Clark Account. The Treasure’s report was accepted as reported.


Chet then gave the ATA Delegate’s Report, discussing the youth program at the Grand, our Fargo Team received a runner-up award. Reported that the Sparta Location has been declined and a new location has yet to be determined. Chet also discussed the six new ATA rule changes for 2003 that are clearly posted and all clubs have been notified.


Old Business  


The $.50/100 target rule implemented in 2002 was discussed but no action taken, Marc reported revenue collected from the new fee was +- $2234 and pointed out that the rule did not include 2003 targets thrown in 2002.

Dave H. suggested a website upgrade that would be more “user friendly” than the current one with an estimated increase of $130/year. Chet motioned to go with the new one,

Dan P. seconded, motion passed. It was also suggested that all clubs include the Website address in all shoot programs and the yearly shoot schedule.


New Business



No other business was discussed, Norris motioned the meeting adjourned, Bill seconded, meeting was adjourned @ 4:30 PM CDT.


Respectfully Submitted


Marc A. Cunningham Sr.