North Dakota Trap Shooting Association

2003 Membership Meeting


The 2003 Annual Membership Meeting was called to order @8:40 AM by President Louis Kuster. President Kuster thanked the Shooting Park and their Staff for the fine job of hosting the ND 2003 State Shoot.  President Kuster then called on the Sec./Treas. To read the minutes of the previous 2002 meeting, minutes were read by Marc Cunningham, Dick Johnson motioned the minutes be approved, Barb Reister seconded, motion carried. The Treasure’s report was read by Mr. Cunningham, reporting a checking balance of $5,406.80 and Piper Jaffray account balance of $8,625.65. Chet Nelson motioned the report be approved, Dave Harmon seconded, motion carried.  President Kuster then presented the 2003 Sportsmanship Award to Mary Pokinghorne and then called on ATA Delegate Chet Nelson for the delegate’s report mentioning that the Grand American will more than likely be held for the last time in Vandalia in 2004 and will have to relocate with no firm decision from the ATA at the present time. Chet also gave a report of the Gifts Grants and Memorial Fund having a balance of $6500.

·           There was no old business discussed.

·           New Business:

Bob Reis motioned that the host club of the North Dakota State Shoot should be required to have a voice release system at each trap, Gerald Wendell seconded, motion did not pass and therefore went to the floor for vote by call of hands, resulting in a 28 for and 16 against. The motion then carried. Sec. Cunningham then read a letter of request from the Minot Gun Club to host the 2004 ND State Shoot followed by a letter from the Shooting Park stating that if the NDTA Membership would like the 2004 shoot at The Shooting Park the Club would be available. Chet Nelson motioned that the shoot be held in Minot, a second was made by James Folvag. Discussion then began whether or not Minot Gun Club and it’s Staff could run the shoot appropriately, Chet Nelson withdrew his motion and James Folvag withdrew his second. Scott Saagsveen – President of the Minot Gun Club then took the floor and stated the staff and the Minot Gun Club have improved and activity has greatly improved and hosting the shoot would not be a problem. Scott then made a motion that a secret ballot vote among ND residents be taken to determine the 2004 ND State Shoot location- Minot or Fargo, motion was seconded by Gerald Wendell. After the voting was complete the results were Minot – 42, Fargo – 30. Darold Asbridge then motioned the ND State Shoot be held in Minot, Dick Johnson seconded, motion carried.


State Board Elections: Members with terms expiring are Scott Phelps NE, Dan Pederson SE, Jeff Wagner NW, and Darold Asbridge SW. Nominations for the open positions are Scott Phelps NE, Jerry Bergeron SE, Jeff Zwarych SW and Jeff Wagner NW. President Kuster then ask for other nominations from the floor and there were none, Darold Asbridge motioned the new members be accepted and Mike Kempel seconded, motion carried.



ATA Delegate Nomination, Nominees include:

Jeff Wagner- Delegate, Mike Kempel – 1st Alternate and Louis Kuster – 2nd Alternate, there were no other nominees from the floor. Chet Nelson motioned nominations close, seconded by Jerry Bergeron, vote was unanimous, motion carried to accept the nominees for the Delegate Positions.


Darold Asbridge motioned the meeting adjourn, seconded by Leanard Pietz, meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM


Respectfully Submitted

Marc Cunningham




North Dakota Trapshooting Association

Board of Directors Meeting 8/3/2003


The Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 9:45 AM at The Shooting Park, Horace ND by President Louis Kuster.

Jerry Bergeron motioned that reading of previous minutes be dispensed, seconded by Scott Phelps, motion carried.

Scott Phelps motioned that Louis Kuster continue as President for 2004, Dave Harmon seconded, motion carried. Jeff Wagner nominated Dave Harmon as Vice President, Bill Suda motioned nominations close for VP, Bergeron seconded, motion carried.

Nominations for Sec./Treas. Norris Olson nominated Marc Cunningham, Jeff Wagner motioned nominations close, Jeff Zwyarch seconded, motion carried.


No old business was discussed.

New business:

·           2003 Fall Meeting, after discussion it was decided to hold the fall meeting in Carrington ND on November 29th.

·           2004 State Shoot Date – Scott Sagsveen motioned that the 2004 State Shoot be held July 15,16,17 and 18th 2004, Chet Nelson seconded, motion carried.

Jerry Bergeron motioned the meeting adjourn, Dave Harmon seconded, meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM.


Respectfully Submitted

Marc Cunningham