June, 2003 Board Meeting


The meeting was called to order by president Louis Kuster @ 3:10 PM CDT at the Capitol City Gun Club. Other board members present were: VP Dave Harmon, Sec./Treas. Marc Cunningham, ATA Delegate Chester Nelson, Darold Asbridge, Scott Sagsveen, Jim Schumacher, William Suda.

   Darold Asbridge motioned that reading of previous minutes be waived, Bill Suda seconded, motion passed.


New Business:

 All members present reviewed the 2003 ND State Shoot Program, President Kuster asked for a motion to approve, Darold Asbridge motioned, Dave Harmon seconded, motion passed.


Chester Nelson mentioned transferring funds remaining in the Piper Jaffray - Gifts, Grants and Memorial account to the NDTA Piper Jaffray account after funds needed for the 2004 Lewis and Clark has been finalized. Darold Asbridge made a motion to transfer the funds, Scott Sagsveen seconded, motion passed.


Other Business:

 Chester Nelson informed members present that he would no longer be able to accept the ATA Delegate Position after 2003.

  Marc mention a typographical error in the treasure’s report in the minutes of the 2002 Fall Meeting, the Piper Jaffray Account was stated as having a balance of $4,963.74 of which is incorrect, the balance as of 5/31/03 was $8,666.43.


After no further discussion Jim Schumacher made a motion the meeting ajourn, Dave Harmon seconded, motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted:


Marc Cunningham Sr.