Board of Directors Meeting June 22, 2002


Meeting was called to order @5:40 PM by VP Jeff Wagner at the Minot Gun Club, other members present were: Jim Folvag, Darold Asbridge, Dan Pederson, Dave Harmon and Chet Nelson and Marc Cunningham.

Chet made a motion that the reading of the minutes of the Fall meeting be waved, Darold seconded, motion passed. Marc gave a brief Treasureís report stating that the current check book balance was - $114, but all bills were paid including $5000 for the 2002 State Trophies, spring weather conditions have had a negative impact on shoot attendance and State fees, ATA refund would be $ 2768.90, Piper Jaffery is currently $8632.83

Chet made a motion that Merv Stork be inducted into the NDTA Hall Of Honor, after discussing Mervís commitments to ND Trapshooting and the CCGC in years passed, the motion was seconded by Darold and passed unanimously, Chet will prepare the plaque. After reviewing and discussing the 2002 State Shoot Program a motion was made by Darold and seconded by Dan to eliminate the 3rd place 16yd. and Doubles Championship Trophies and re-instate as Open Trophies, motion passed. Chet then made a motion that for the 2002 State Shoot that Ladies, Juniors and Sub-juniors shoot targets for $16.00/100 and would be eligible for Class Trophies as long as they are not playing any money, Darold seconded, motion passed.

Chet made a motion that the 2002 Doubles Championship be shot off following the event, Dave seconded, motion passed.

Chet then made a motion that the State Program be approved, Marc seconded, motion passed.

Chris Kittleson then gave a brief description of his goals and expectations of the Scholastic Trap Shooting Program in ND, along with progress made in 2002, Chet made a motion that Chris be invited to the 2002 Board of Directorís fall meeting, Dave seconded, motion passed, Marc made a recommendation that Chris also inform the shooting public of his goals etc. at the 2002 general meeting to be held at the State Shoot, all agreed.

Meeting adjourned @ 6:10 PM.†††