North Dakota Trapshooting Association Board of Directors

Fall Meeting 2003 Minutes



The 2003 Fall Meeting of the NDTA Board of Directors was called to order by President Louis Kuster @ 10:13 AM at the Chieftain Motel in Carrington ND. Members present included VP Dave Harmon, ATA Delegate Jeff Wagner, SEC/Treasure Marc Cunningham (via teleconference), Jerry Bergeron, Scott Phelps, Norris Olson, Bill Suda, Jim Schumacher, Jeff Zwarych and Chester Nelson Jr. Scott Sagsveen was unable to attend.


Marc read the minutes of the 2002 Fall Board Meeting as requested, Marc then gave the treasure’s report as requested reporting a check book balance of $6064.95 and the Piper Jaffray Account balance of $8459.99. 

B Suda motioned the minutes and Treasure’s Report be accepted and approved, N. Olson 2nd and motion carried.

President Kuster then called on C. Nelson for a Gifts, Grants and Memorials report, Chet mentioned the Jaffray account had been closed, transferring $5955 into the Capitol City Gun Club’s account for the Lewis and Clark Shoot and the remaining balance of $260 was forwarded to the NDTA, marc then stated it was received and deposited in the NDTA checking account.

Old Business

The $.50/per 100 target charge by the NDTA was discussed but no action taken, Marc reported the 2003 target year provided $2,630 in revenue through the $.50/100 program.

New Business

v      Current stipends provided to shooters by the NDTA to attend the Grand American Champion of Champions Event were reviewed, J. Bergeron motioned they remain the same for 2004, J. Zwarych 2nd and motion carried.

Stipend amounts are:

16Yard Champion - $250

Ladies 16 yard Champion -$200

Vet. and Sr. Vet. 16 yard champion - $200 ea.

Jr. and Sub Jr. 16 yard champion - $200 ea.

ATA Delegate - $500

Yearly  Sec./ Treasure salary -$400

It should be noted if the Champion cannot attend and Runner-Up does attend then the amount is $50.

v      In 2003 the NDTA provided $1,450 added money for the State Shoot, C. Nelson motioned that this amount remain the same for 2004, D. Harmon 2nd, motion carried.

v      In 2003 the NDTA also provided $5000 for State Shoot Trophies and the host club provided $1800. B. Suda motioned these amounts remain the same for 2004, J. Wagner 2nd, motion carried.

v      2004 State Shoot dates were previously set for July 15,16,17 and 18th. 2004 at the NDTA Board meeting held on 8/3/2003. In order to avoid conflict with South Dakota J. Wagner motioned the dates be changed to July 22,23,24 and 25th. This motion was 2nd by S. Phelps, motion carried.

v      State Team Awards remain plaques as in 2002 and 2003, D. Harmon motioned they remain the same for 2004, J. Schumacher 2nd and motion carried.

The Board then recessed for lunch and the meeting was called back to order @ 1:02 PM

v      Scholastic Trapshooting program was discussed and how it relates to ND Shooters, it was suggested that if Clubs would like to put a Team together to consult with Jerry Bergeron, no other action was taken.

v      All State Team requirements: M. Cunningham motioned and 2nd by S. Phelps that all qualifying shooters remain special category as defined by the ATA unless they qualify as Captain of the All State Team. After much discussion J. Wagner then made a motion and it was 2nd by N. Olson that there be a “High All Around Average Award” eliminate the current All State Team and establish a “Men’s All State Team” consisting of ten male members, and a five member men’s “Honorable Mention” Team, all other Teams remain Special Category for 2004 target year and 2005 Teams. Wagner’s motion carried, Cunningham’s motion was then voted on and it carried.

v      All State Team Target requirements: M. Cunningham motioned that Juniors be required to shoot 200 Double Targets in 2004, 2nd by N. Olson, motion carried. Note: This does not effect Sub-Jrs.

v      State Shoot- Shoot off strategy was discussed the only action taken was: C. Nelson motioned that the Championship Doubles be shot of immediately after the event on Sunday prior to starting the Championship Handicap, this was 2nd by B. Suda and motion carried.

v      Telephonic Competition was discussed, NDTA provides $300 for trophies, no action taken.

v      Hall of Fame/Hall of Honor – there were no candidates for 2004.

v     Schedule2004 Shoot



8-Fargo –Mother’s Day

9-Fargo -Mother’s Day



22-Bismarck – Savings Bond Shoot


5-Grand Forks, Minot, Dickinson - Telephonic


11-Fargo – Roughrider

12-Fargo – Roughrider

13-Fargo – Roughrider

18-Fargo-Father’s Day

19-Fargo ,Zap-Father’s Day

20-Fargo, Zap-Father’s Day

24-Bismarck- Lewis & Clark

25-Bismarck- Lewis & Clark

26-Bismarck- Lewis & Clark

27-Bismarck- Lewis & Clark


2-Walsh County-Mid Summer

3-Walsh County-Mid Summer

4-Walsh County-Mid Summer

10-Mohall, Jamestown



8- Stanley

22-Minot –ND State

23-M1inot –ND State

24-Minot -ND State

25-Minot–ND State


1-Grand Forks –Red River Special

6-Fargo- Central Zone

7-Fargo- Central Zone

8-Fargo- Central Zone

12-Grand Forks

11-21st – Vandalia Ohio

               Grand American




28-Grand Forks




4-Fargo-Steak & Stein, Turtle Lake-Sand hill crane

5-Fargo-Steak & Stein

6-Fargo-Steak & Stein

11-Fargo- Fall Championship

12-Fargo- Fall Championship




22-Minot –ND State

23-Minot –ND State

24-Minot -ND State

25-Minot–ND State

31-Grand Forks – Red River Special


                D. Harmon motioned the 2004 schedule be approve, J. Bergeron 2nd, motion carried.

v      C. Nelson then motioned that the NDTA provide $250 to the Minot Gun Club to furnish hors d’oeuvres Saturday evening, 2nd by N. Olson, motion carried.

There was no other new business, J. Bergeron motioned the meeting adjourn, D. Harmon 2nd, motion carried, meeting adjourned @ 3:40PM.


Respectfully Submitted

Marc Cunningham Sr.