Board of Directors Meeting July 29, 2001

NDTA Board of Director's meeting held at the Minot Gun Club was called to order by Louis Kuster @ 11:30 AM CDT.

The only business transaction that took place was the election on Officers: Jeff Wagner nominated Louis Kuster for President, there being no further nominations, a motion made by Jeff Wagner and seconded by Darold Asbridge to close nominations and a unanimous ballet was cast.

Jeff Wagner was nominated by Dave Harmon for Vice President and being no further nominations Dave moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballet for Jeff, seconded by Dan Pederson.

Chet Nelson will remain ATA Delegate and Jeff Wagner alternate was also concluded.
Discussion then proceeded on selection of a new Secretary/Treasure Scott Phelps was asked if he would accept the nomination, he declined due to the fact he had just undergone major surgery. Dave Harmon was nominated, Dave declined because of workload. Marc Cunningham was ask and he declined as well, after some discussion Jeff Wagner suggested that if Marc would accept the position he would assist and also could rely on the President to also help. Jeff then nominated Marc. Jeff made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballet; Duane Blinsky seconded it.

Discussion of the fall Board Meeting, no dates were set, but general consensus was that the meeting would be held in Carrington and the date to be set by the President. The meeting was then adjourned.