July 26 - 29, 2001
Dave Depree
Mike Roberts
Bill Suda
Jonathan Vaage
Jerry Gulke
Tim Reed
Jason Folvag
Jeff Wagner
Jesse Molstre
Gary Siverson
Class A High All-Around
Dave Harmon
Bill Pearson
Shawn Barnet
Rick Steiner
Thomas Zahn
Dan Campbell
Will Gokey
James Folvag
Randy Knain
Jeff Zwarych
Jerry Bergeron
Stan Petz
Mike Nordback
Scott Phelps
Bob Ralston
Carl Anderson
Tom Blatman
Henry Hlady & Clarence Linger
Duane & Barb Reister
Dan & Mark Kaffar
Louie Kuster & Langer Gokey
Special thanks to Chet Nelson for the photos. We tried to include as many of the event winners as possible.  Unfortunately one disk was bad and the photos were unable to be recovered.  Hopefully we will be able to add them in the future.  Dave
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